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It is just one week since I said goodbye to Johanna and other friends in Southampton but it already seems like long, long time ago. What’s more, England seems now to me like another, very distant world. Just as I had no ’emotional’ problems leaving Poland and settling down in Southampton several months ago, I don’t have any problems now. I just get used to new places relatively easily. And as far as people are concerned, we’re going to stay in touch, aren’t we?

This week was quite busy but, I guess, it’s what everybody coming back from ‘another world’ experiences. As I’m at my family home now, I’m trying to help my parents a little doing some household chores. The strange thing is that I’m enjoying cooking this week. I’m cooking Polish food and, though all the prices have gone up here recently, I’m happy that at least fruit and vegetables are much, much cheaper as compared to the UK. What’s more, I’ve started job hunting. I visited three schools yesterday and learnt that they have many applicants and no vacancies. But as that was more or less what I expected, I wasn’t dismayed at all. There are still a few other schools in Gorlice and hundreds of them in Krakow so I’m pretty optimistic.


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