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I wanted to make a list of my favourite places in Poland. Of course, Kraków is No. 1. So even before I mention any other spots, here is a list of some of my favourite places in Kraków.

1. For a walk:

  • Las Wolski – a medium-size forest just 7km from the city centre; a very popular place for cycling, jogging and walking; hilly, with great views of the city, the airport and, in good weather, of the mountains as well; there is also a Zoo (it’s not big but whenever I go there planning to stay for some two hours, it takes at least four before I leave);
  • Kopiec Kraka (Krak’s Mound) – Krak was the legendary prince who killed the dragon and founded Kraków; the mound is presumed to be his burial place dating from the 7th c.; it’s situated in the very heart of our city so it’s the best spot to view the urban panorama;
  • Plaszów – the site of the labour camp described in Schindler’s List; nowadays, an empty grassy space with just a few traces of what it used to be; located just at the foot of Krak’s Mound;
  • Zakrzówek – a surprising spot about 4km from the city centre; I was really amazed when I accidentally got there for the first time.

2. Sightseeing

  • The Wawel Cathedral – our Westminster Abbey;
  • The Gallery of 20th-Century Polish Art – even after visiting the galleries in England, I still believe that this gallery is worth a look; our modern art is quite distinctive and original, I think;
  • The museum in the former Schindler’s factory – no showcases, no long descriptions to read; you just enter a photographer’s atelier and travel 70 years back in time;
  • Any street – it doesn’t even need to be in the Old Town; just have a walk; each place has it’s unique atmosphere and unusual sights.

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