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I don’t know what makes it so difficult to get round to writing a longer post. Meanwhile, I want to tell you about a film I watched yesterday.

Gerry (2002) directed by Gus Van Sant; starring Matt Damon and Casey Affleck; production: Argentina, USA, Jordan. Even these details seem fascinating to me.

Two guys get lost in an Australian (?) desert. The film is not about any survival tricks, however. There is hardly any action; they just walk trying at first to get back to their car, then hoping to find some water, finally they just walk because perhaps  they may find something somewhere.  The landscape is beautiful and it does not look hostile; under different circumstances it would be exciting to spend a day there. And at first the guys treat their situation as an adventure and joke about it. However, as they go farther, the surroundings appear more and more unrealistic and the men get alarmed and terrified.The ending is rather ambiguous.

It is one of the most unusual films I’ve ever seen. And it is one of those films, about which everybody may have a different opinion, I guess. I wouldn’t say that it is perfect but I liked it very much. It’s certainly recommendable. I wonder if you have seen it and what you think about it.


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