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There is a team of guides in Kraków I really admire. They are a team of seven (only one girl), they are just slightly older than me and passed their guiding examination more or less at the same time as I did. In about two years they have become  one of the world favourite English-speaking guides in Kraków. I have attended some of their tours and I’m really impressed with their knowledge, creativity and energy. They do mainly free walking tours (of the Old Town and Jewish Quarter), which means that they depend entirely on tips from the tourists.

They are so successful that they needed new guides. So several days ago I had a trial tour with them. It looked much like the last part of the examination needed to get the license. There  were four guides to be tested. We did the Jewish Quarter tour including the sites connected with Schindler’s List. You can see some pictures from the trial tour on facebook: FreeWalkingTourKrakow, album entitled ‘New tour guides feedback 13.08.2011’.  Check if you can recognize the places ;) Eventually only one of the boys got the job. I was a bit disappointed but not too much.

Unexpectedly, yesterday I got a call from  a tourist agency. They asked if I could guide an American lady today. Of course, I agreed and spend a lovely morning today showing her around. This tour was very important for me as I hadn’t had a job since coming back from England so it marked a good beginning. And they told me at the tourist agency that there is a chance I’ll get more tours from them. All in all, I’m very happy today :)


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