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Tuesday, 27th March was a special day for me.

It was a year since I met Wojtek. As you may know, we first contacted each other through a social website but only a week after the first message we met in person. At first I was struck by his appearance: he was very good-looking and much in my type. Then it occurred that we can chat together not only about such trite subject as studies, but also about cold war, etymology and sheep-breeding :) Next day I accidentally came upon his blog and no sooner had I finished reading it than I knew that he is a very good and intelligent man.

As Wojtek couldn’t come on Tuesday, we met on Sunday. He came much earlier than I had expected and after breakfast we went to Rudno to see the ruins of the Tenczyn Castle, which we had planned to visit for a few months. The place is located about 30km from Kraków. The sight was impressive, as you can see in the picture. Unfortunately, the ruins couldn’t be entered but we enjoyed a walk on the grounds, which seemed a popular place for playing ball games, riding bikes and sunbathing. Then we went to some vast grassy fields near the town of Olkusz, where we roasted mutton ribs :) It was a lovely day!


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