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Falling in love with Kraków

I’ve been living in Kraków for about six years. I love the city and feel at home here. Here is how the story of Kraków and me began.

The first time when I visited Kraków I was still a very little kid. I remember my excitement when my mum decided that it was the time for me to see the city. What I knew was that it is big (much, much bigger than our Gorlice) and that it is far and we would need to go by train. Surprisingly, it seems that the train journey was the highlight of the trip because I remember hardly anything else. Vaguely I remember the Town Hall Tower and the zoo. However, I went to Kraków with my parents a few times more and my memories of all the various trips are now mixed up in my head.

My most important visit to Kraków was in 2000. History was my favourite subject at school. That was thanks to two great history teachers: Mrs. Stępień and Mr. Śliwa. The latter organized great History club. I felt that I was discovering the hidden secrets of the medieval Poland. And then one day Mr. Śliwa took us to Kraków. Suddenly I saw with my own eyes all the things I read about. I stepped inside the Wawel cathedral and gazed in awe at the impressive St. Stanislaus baldachin and the vaults. The church looked to me like a labyrinth made of gold and marble. I had certainly never seen anything so magnificent before. I descended to the crypts. The kings! They were all there…  Sometimes when you read a history book, the kings seem like fictional characters. But in the cathedral you realize that they were real people and you can almost feel their presence. The same is true about the places in the Old Town. The churches and the old townhouses, which you know so well from the pictures, really exist. I was carried away by the sight of the two tall limestone towers of St. Andrew’s Church in a distance. Our teacher didn’t need to tell me the story. I already knew quite well about the miraculous birth of Prince Bolesław the Wry-mouth with whom the church was strongly connected. I just wondered at the fact that I could come so close and notice more and more details. Generally, the trip was amazing and afterwards I was certain that Kraków is the place where I want to come to study.

Afterwards I started visiting Kraków more and more often. It was mostly because it was the capital of our voivodeship and many events for schools were organized there. In the second year of my secondary school I used to visit the place almost every two weeks. Of course, with each trip to Kraków, I liked the city more.


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