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God is merciful and He reminded us about it through a Polish nun, Faustina (1905-38). During several visions Jesus told Sister Faustina to spread the devotion to the Devine Mercy and taught her several prayers, the shortest of which was: “Jesus, I trust in You”. Jesus wanted all people to believe in Divine Mercy and to show mercy towards others.

Following the visions, Adolf Hyła painted a picture showing Jesus as seen by Faustina: with one hand raised in blessing and two rays (white and red) streaming from His heart. The image can be nowadays found in many Catholic churches throughout the world. Also the Feast of Divine Mercy, established by Pope John Paul II,  is celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter.

In Łagiewniki, Kraków, where Saint Faustina died, there is a Shrine of Divine Mercy, which is the world centre of the Divine Mercy devotion. Last week we celebrated the 10th anniversary of its consecration. Over the ten years the church has become an important pilgrimage site, which attracts nowadays almost 2 million pilgrims every year and is the most dynamically developing pilgrimage destination in the world. The place is really easy to reach from the city centre of Kraków (c. 20min. tram ride) but has got its own pilgrim facilities as well. In the closest neighbourhood there is being built also a new Shrine to Blessed John Paul II, who was a great promoter of the Divine Mercy devotion.


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