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I live in a really great loction in Kraków. It’s not far from the Old Town (about 3km) but it’s already almost at the outskirts. If you are tired of the city, there’s only one major road to cross, then a park, a quiet street of family houses and a vast field stretches in front of you. A good field of potatoes or rhubarb. There you can breathe.

Nearby flow two winding rivulets. The first one will lead you to a village on the foot of the Green Hill. In spring the hill is the greenest thing you have ever seen thanks to the growing wheat sprouts. The second rivulet will take you through small woods to another hill called Gaisko, which is covered with tall grass and young trees and bushes. As it’s the highest point in this area you can get a great view of Kraków from there. On the picture below the Old Town can be seen, though the visibility was rather low the day I took it. The Gaisko is truly a beautiful, colourful  place but I’m afraid it may fall victim to the urban sprawl in near future (one row of blocks of flats has already been built on its slopes). I would be very sorry for this spot.

As you return, you may walk across a new housing estate, which, however, blends in with the landscape perfectly. There you may have a look at an ancient shrine. It dates back to 1632 and on its sides there are carved scenes of Christ’s Passion. The column is all covered with graffiti, which may seem outrageous, but think: the shrine is on crossroads and people have inscribed their names or initials on it probably since the year it was built. Thus, the shrine has turned into a fascinating catalogue of passers-by. For me it’s fascinating.


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