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Here are some of the pictures I took at the Wawel Castle in November.

P1000121 - KopiaZygmunt the Old ruled in Poland from 1506 until 1548. He was a wise king and a patron of arts so as a result of his foundations the Wawel cathedral features Zygmunt’s Chapel and Zygmunt’s Tower. Here you can see their spires.

P1000127He also completed the rebuilding of the castle in the Renaissance style.

P1000125The rebuilding was started by Zygmunt the Old’s elder brother, Jan Olbracht. The first to be rebuilt were the private rooms of their mother, Queen Elżbieta, which have got particularly ornate windows.

P1000128Zygmunt the Old was of the Jagiellon dynasty. Under the Jagiellons’ rule Poland was a huge and powerful country. Hence, the monarchs compared themselves to Roman emperors, whose portraits are depicted in a frieze.

P1000130King Zygmunt’s second wife Bona Sforza introduced some of Italian vegetables: tomatoes, cabbages, cauliflowers, carrots, etc. to Poland. Her garden is now being reconstructed at the castle.


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