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An interesting week is coming. As Easter falls quite early this year (27th March), we’ll be moving almost directly from Christmas season to Lent. The change is marked in Poland by two special traditions.

Some may be surprised by a mention about Christmas more than a month after the actual holiday. But in Poland the Christmas season is exactly that long. We were still singing carols at church today, including “Lulajże, Jezuniu“, a lullaby for Baby Jesus. The last chance to hear a carol and see a nativity scene in a church is for us on the 2nd of February, when we commemorate the presentation of Jesus at the Temple. It’s also a Marian holiday, which brings associations with light, warmth and safety. You can read more about it in an older post (Christmas decorations and Candlemas).

The last week of carnival follows. I’d say in Poland the days before Lent are more about food than dancing. A favourite tradition is eating pączki or chrust on Fat Thursday. Pączki are Polish doughnats. In an ancient post (Fat Thursday) you can read about my sister’s and mine experience making them. This year I have already made chrust (a crispy fried snack) but it disappeared so quickly that I couldn’t even take a picture. Maybe I’ll make them again this week.



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